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This Killing Emptiness (Album)

by Ice Ages

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Crawling slowly through the night Need to speak, whisper the last word Search for light, Searching for a far gone light Stay forever in a dream Vision that so close and grim Look into those eyes so strange At the light that shine so dim... Starring by closed eyes at me Take a look take a look inside You shall see the other side You shall see the forlorn past Seared blood of grim despair Ugly face of torture mask
Void in my mind, in my thoughts, that never knew this life just feel your force that contradicts my life Live threw the night then you'll feel, this terror force I found This terror force I found in distant times. This Gate to the scope of my mind is locked by live unknown My mind is caught, please trespass if you dare. Live threw the night then you'll feel, this terror force I found This terror force I found in distant times. Come, you saved my hollow dream; and all this hiding places there, where you and me have been before where I don't seen what you have suffered All this lifeless sentiments are here to stroke my skin no more just watch me from my unknown side and be here when this heart gets blind.
The Fiend 05:08
Where is this fiend you are denying What is this tool you've been in distant lands With frigid eyes some one can see you Your inner self, that you could never stand. For now you are what you have longed be forgotten light - forgotten in your fear Threw out your night, behind its safety care this shield conceals your fragile sleep Come watch your blood that turned to ice. This poison in you mind, your substitute for life Those broken peaces of your mind Those crumbled tiny grains, now parted from your mind.
I come for you my hollow skull with dust of bones and blood. I came for you my silent curse to breath it and destroy. With mask of grim of endless joy of endless pain and lie. It comes and goes -eternally It's silence filled with pain.
Come back you silent hour so we could die again by night that washed away the pain that comes here to remain By blood red dawn we'll leave this killing emptiness And ever to bring death and grief to me to wander with our grief A scent of blood, remember now! A sence we had to kill To never meet on the black hill Just stay away and thrill A void in blackness will remain To keep a secret dream Don't bother the enchanted flame Just drawn in pain; again I long to burn I long to mourn Forever we'll remain To die again, with sweetest pain To stay away by grey ... by grey long shadows on a grave To watch the mortal dy To be eternal silent slaves of death - to meet again... To die in vain.
Heartbeat 05:57
Here my heart; my heartbeat is your time Feel this trembling sound, take care don't let it plunge you into misery Dreadful dreams will be your home divine In your narrow mind, a torturous path will lead you to your enemy Mindless lives will greet you from afar Walls that bind their minds will be for you the boarder to your emptiness Breath this life like it will breath in you. Come out of your shell, believe in me- your eyes will see just endlessness. Take this forces if you like Leave your memories here, in my forgotten soul Drag your burdens to the dark Let them be beside mine- in obscurity
Take if you meet one heart to feel, one soul to die and let this dark soul prevent this heart from pain Bleak bygone walls They cast a shadow over you And if you'll be there Your heart will be confined Dawn on your mind this deadly pallor in you face will fall a prey to this terrifying life Time to forsake this gasping maze for evermore but all this wide doors have seemed to fade away This creature that you are will seek refuge in caves you made in long forgotten times This misery you see will forecast all the times you feared the last time that you feel
Music: Richard Lederer Lyrics: Grigorii Petrenko
The Denial 06:40
My eyes refuse to see This pale sky filled with sorrow The empty space we gain in melancholic dreams My heart refused to count The time I have till ending To be a friend of dying leaves My fate belongs the dark This pain will leave no gashes Closed eyes won't ever see this pain My lungs refuse to breath and prefer suffocation To never see this thing called life
Lost in daze 06:11


This is the second album of the 4 albums of Ice Ages


released December 4, 2000


all rights reserved



Ice Ages Vienna, Austria

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